Les Wynn:
Site's looking great!  Can't wait for more pics. Car & Ginny Babb:
HATCREEK  GSP'S White Dogs greg:
Hi site is looking wonderful I cant get to les winn so Ill try to call and I cant e you guys I'm sooooooo frustrated Chris & Yolanda:
Your new friends and Ranger Bella's folks, doin the best we can the first time around! :) Be lost without you folks!! Allison Anderson:
Ada is getting so big, she loves to play fetch and follow me around!!Thank you guys so much for giving me the chance to own such a wonderful pup! Londa Warren:
Great site, Greg!  My thanks to you for helping my fellow Irish Setter lovers to learn about the field! David Simmons:
Great Site and nice looking Dogs! CAROLYNN BOGAN:
NICE DOGS DARCY. Daniel Idiart:
These are the most beautiful GSP's I've ever seen.  I will be happy to run the pups whenever I come down to Anza.  Give 12 a kiss from her other boyfriend. Tim Ricketts:
very nice dogs and web site Bonnie:
It is 'Possum' aka Bogan's Wild in the SPIRIT's birthday today 10.23.07 HAPPY BIRTHDAY little girl! oneshotjac:
like the website, and the dogs Dawn Aguilar:
I am the new owner of ADA who belonged to my best freind Allison Anderson-ive had ADA for going on three years and she has been nothing but a blessing to my so Max and I_so smart and loving :) Post Not Active
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