::Above:: Shadow and his littermate during a Eukanuba photo shoot

Gerry holds the NADD Lap Dog Elite record dock diving jump at 22' 3"!! Way to go Gerry the German Grenade!! 

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Family Portrait 
Family Portrait 
Please throw my ball! 
Protector of the garden! 
New duck toys. 
Can I have a bath too? 
Bubble beard.  
My turn! 
Missing Deutschland!  
Truck rides are exhausting.  
First night in the new house.  
How he likes to ride in the truck! 
Truck dogs 
First rabbit retrieve.  
Somebody stole my crate! 
Gonzo (left - brother), Eiko (center - father), Gerry (right) 
Best friends 
He loves Dr. Butchko 
Gerry & Mufasa February 12, 2014 
February 2, 2014 
2016 NADD/AKC Championships 
Gerry the German Grenade