::Above:: Shadow and his littermate during a Eukanuba photo shoot
Nat./Int. Ch. Minado's Shadow of Evolution

National/International Champion Minado's Shadow of Evolution.

Our Shadow is featured in the 2004 Eukanuba Dog Food Calendar and is also pictured in the Eukanuba "The Select BreederNews Volume 1 Issue 2" along with his littermate Arrow.

He is also pictured on the Iams/Eukanuba truck with his litter mate Arrow.

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Best In Show Bred By Puppy 
Best Of Winners November 2003 
Shadow and Jack 
Poster boy 
Shadow Pointing A Bobwhite 
Shadow Pointing In Our Field 
The Eukankuba Truck 
Shadow on the truck 
Ice Head 
Out in the field 
Back of 2003-2004 Eukanuba Calendar 
1st page of the calendar 
Mr. October 
2nd page of the calendar 
Runner-up Gold Cup