::Above:: Shadow and his littermate during a Eukanuba photo shoot

Here is a letter from the Coyne's dated October 1, 2004:

Hi Darcy (and Chris/Taylor),

I've not written for awhile, but I thought that I'd
give you an update on our Reagan.  She's been through
a lot recently.

She is an extraordinary dog, no doubt about it.

She's never met anyone she doesn't like -- and want to

She is now 34 lbs, but doesn't look that heavy to see
her, since she's all legs and muscle.

She "graduated" from Puppy school -- I use that term
very loosely -- she was the worst student in the
instructors view.  Not that she doesn't know the
commands, she does, but she has virtually no memory,
unlimited enthusiasm, and she just can't sit still
when there are 20 other puppies to communicate with
and their owners to investigate.  She was the
demonstration dog for the class, because she had the
most personality by far.  (That's what you told me
when we picked her -- she was big on personality
because she had to make up for being smaller in size).
She will now advance to Dog school.

She is registed in the AKC, but doesn't have a fancy
name, simply Reagan Marie Coyne.

She is in the hospital today being spayed; I'm going
to pick her up in a couple hours.  She came through
the operation just fine Im told.

She loves fish, preferable the carcasses that I've
buried after fileting.  For some reason she dug up
this huge fish carcass, rolled around in it, and
thought it was the best thing.  She smelled like,
well, a 3 day dead and buried fish!!  Needless to say
she got a full shampooing.

She loves to swim, is completely water/pool safe, and
often just goes in to the pool on her own to swim
around and cool off.  She makes these amazing running
leaps into the pool to retrieve a ball or toy, and
then makes a game out of swimming aroung the pool in
an attempt to keep me from getting the ball from her.
She's the full competitor in the water.

I don't believe that she can see very well.  Often
I'll approach her from a distance, and she'll know
someone is there, but she'll be barking at me until I
get within 20 yards or so, then she realizes its me. I
don't think her distance vision is good at all.  She
has acute vision within 20 yards, excellent hearing,
and of course there's that nose.

She's been vacinated for Rabies now, and the only
other shot that I'm thinking of getting for her at
this time is the 2shot series against Lyme disease,
since we do have ticks on the property.  I had to
remove a huge one from her a while ago -- the only one
I've seen, but where there's one, there's more I'm

Anyway, that's the latest on the "sweetest dog". Susan
and I are both thrilled to have such a wonderful dog
as part of our family.  She is everything we hoped

Please stay in touch, and pass along the info to your
girls when you get a chance.

Bill, Susan, and Reagan

On December 28, 2004 Reagan sent us an email:

Hi Darcy, Chris & Taylor,

Forgive me if I spell your names wrong girls, I was a
little young when I left you, about 8 weeks or so to
be exact.  Since then I've had the most amazing
adventures, which for a young dog like myself are an
everyday affair.  I live for amazing adventures, and
if they aren't apparant each day, I create them for
myself.  I'm very creative.

These folks that I'm sharing a house with, Bill and
Susan, well, I've tried my best to train them, but
they are pretty slow to learn.  I'm patient, and I
don't get too upset if my training of them doesn't
show immediate results.  I am making steady progress
however; for example, now they realize that plain old
dog food is just for ... dogs!! Why they keep trying
to get me to eat all these differnt flavors is beyond
me -- what do they think I am, a dog??  People!!  My
tastes are more to the fresh fish and meat selections
-- I have to watch my weight, after all.

And the sleeping arrangements they have for me, these
various dog beds, crates, and chiase lounges...why
don't they just get it that I was born for the bed, as
in the master bed, not a dog bed.  And that Bill, he
keeps trying to take all the blankets each night. Why
it's all I can do to burrow to the bottom of the bed
each night, stretch out all four legs, and claim my
rightful space.  Bill keeps saying things like
"Outside"; what does he think I am, a dog?

Not me!! I'm a big girl now, and fast, so they can't
catch me running around the couch.  And I can't let
them litter the pool with these floating balls they
constantly throw into the water; I can fetch them
faster than they can throw them in.  Bill doesn't
realize how helpful I can be in the Avocado grove,
like when I pull all these pipes up to the house for
him, dancing as I go.  I'm just happy to help.

And I've never met another dog that I don't like. The
neighbors all have dogs, most of them are friendly,
but I just want to play with them all.  That's just my
friendly nature.  But these crows, boy when I get my
paws on them, they'll know that I mean business.

Anyway, I'm sure you're all busy, but I just wanted to
give you all an update on what I've been doing.  I
think I've got it pretty good here, and I'll keep
working on Bill & Susan; I'm confident that in the new
year will they will show significant improvement in
their training. 

I'd love to come out to your house for a visit, so
I'll be calling...

Sincerely, your former housemate,
Reagan Marie Coyne