::Above:: Shadow and his littermate during a Eukanuba photo shoot
Certified Professional Training by Christopher Skinner-Bland at AllStar Gundog Kennels.

Christopher is Ronnie Smith Kennels' first woman and first second-generation apprentice to go through the Advanced Trainer Certification Program. She is now a Certified Professional Advanced Trainer with Team HUNTSMITH.

Training Offered by Christopher Skinner-Bland:
Basic Formal Pointing Dog Training Class
90 Days $1200 Per Month
*Dogs will be trained with the infamous HUNTSMITH levels of formal training.
*Dogs will be trained by Ronnie Smith Kennels 1st woman and 2nd generation trainer, Christopher Skinner-Bland.
*Dogs should be around one year old to attend this formal training.
*Your dog will develop the fundamental bird dog skills and will also be steady.
*Will help put your dog on the right path for a hunting partner, testing and trials.
*3-month long course where the dog will go through the Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.
*Dogs that go through this training process will be "Green Broke."

Obedience and Field Training - Private
1 hour and up $60
* $60 an hour
* Package of 5 lessons (1 hour each) for $250